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Economic theory in retrospect Fifth Edition

This is a history of economic thought from Adam Smith to John Maynard Keynes - but it is a history with a difference. Firstly, it is a history of economic theory, not of economic doctrines, that is, it is consistently focused on theoretical analysis, undiluted by entertaining historical digressions or biological colouring. Secondly, it includes detailed Reader's Guides to nine of the major texts of economics, namely the works of Smith, Ricardo, Mill, Marx, Marshall, Wickstead, Wicksell, Walras and Keynes, in the effort to encourage students to become acquainted at first hand with the writings of all the great economists. This fifth edition, first published in 1997, adds new Reader's Guides to Walras's Elements of Pure Economics (1871–74) and Keynes' General Theory to the previous seven Reader's Guides of other great books in economics. There are significant and major additions to six chapters.


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330.109 Bla e
Penerbit Cambridge University Press : New York.,
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xxv, 725 hal, 25cm
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Fifth Edition
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